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Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results — does this sound like marketing? Traditional marketing tactics, such as paying to create and distribute new ads, are still common even though The Guardian reports that a person is more likely to summit Mount Everest than click on a banner ad.

The smart brands recognize that marketing has evolved beyond traditional advertising. Modern marketers are devoting an increasing amount of resources towards creating great content and efforts to boost awareness rather than continue to invest in ads.

Content marketing is on a steady rise because simply put; it’s what works. That’s why a whopping 69 percent of companies are growing their content and offering their demographics something of value (thanks to Content Marketing Institute). They’re not selling, they’re supplying. Content marketing is multi-tasking, requiring you and your team to fill the upper funnel, foster relationships with your target audience, and woo new customers for life.

However, these new tactics lead to fresh challenges, especially when it comes to quantifying the value obtained from your marketing investments. You may want to consider content marketing software options like ScribbleLive or Curata to improve how you measure the effectiveness of your content strategies.

Investing Wisely in Content Marketing

Savvy marketers and senior marketing executives are re-investing time, money, and creative resources into content marketing efforts. That being said, drafting content that adds real value and engagement is no easy task; and creating content that moves qualitative leads down the funnel is even more of a hassle.

Studies show that 54 percent of marketers think “producing engaging content” is their biggest hurdle; 49 percent say the greatest obstacle is measuring effectiveness, and 50 percent struggle to generate fresh content on a consistent basis. Does any of these challenges impact your marketing team? Luckily, a tool like ScribbleLive fills in the blanks for you, acting as your own personal workhorse.

Content Marketing with ScribbleLive

Okay, so how exactly does ScribbleLive work and what makes the platform so effective? It’s a content marketing software that improves your workflow by blending data science with content, providing analytics from end to end via a SaaS (software as a service) content marketing platform.

There are five basic steps to a great content marketing platform.

  1. Planning of Content: the software helps you in the planning stage of your strategy by syncing content calendars with project management to simplify collaboration among teammates – a strategic advantage currently used by 7,000+ ScribbleLive clients.
  2. Create and Curate. There are millions of pieces of quality content available from the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more sources. ScribbleLive claims that over 70,000 new pieces are added every month, and you can publish everything from live streams to the best original content or user-generated content.
  3. Distribution: Now that you have the content it’s time to distribute all your hard work. After all, you could work on a piece of content for hours or days but if no one can see your work, was it worth the effort?
  4. Content Amplification: If you’ve created something unique and interactive, you can amplify your reach and potentially keep your audience on the page up to five times as long as static content. This strategy keeps people engaged whether they browse content on their smartphone, preview information at a live event, or binge on Netflix from the comfort of their beds.
  5. Content Reporting and Analytics: Finally, you can analyze the performance of your content using ScribbleLive’s incredibly easy to manage measurement tools. Review the performance of your content by measuring engagement, average time spent on a page, and the effectiveness of calls-to-action.

Use the analytics to optimize your content marketing strategy and get on the fast track to becoming a thought leader. Interpret the data about your audience to focus on topics that increase interest, identify the best influencers associated with those topics, and increase the value of your own content.

With the decline of online ad effectiveness, aside from account-based marketing and ad micro-targeting, what works best today is great content.  If you don’t have the right tools in your content department, you’ll be eaten up by those teams that do. While there is a wide range of tools to choose from; I’ve found that ScribbleLive can help in many of the most challenging areas. Thus, it’s qualified as a solid tech tool for entrepreneurs.

Know of any tech tools that we should feature here?  Let us know in the comments below. Travis and his team will demo them for potential future features!

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Originally written by Travis Wright for Inc. Magazine

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