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Why Do My Facebook Ads Keep Getting Rejected?

Just when you think all the Facebook advertising campaigns are good to go, you get the dreaded “rejected ad” email from Facebook. If you have in any way worked with Facebook Ads, you are 100% aware of this phenomenon. The worst part? It has only gotten worse in recent months due to new regulations. It feels like Facebook is rejecting ads just because they feel like it.

Your image is fine, your text is impeccably curated and you are nearly certain your ad isn’t provoking anything illegal or offensive. While this all might be true, Facebook still can reject your ads for reasons nobody can quite understand (sometimes including Facebook).

You Can Blame Constant Platform Changes

Let’s say you have read up on all the image and content regulations, but your ad is still getting rejected. This is a bug that you might just have to deal with the hard way—by appealing an ad over and over.

For example, one of Facebook’s go-to ad denial reasons is that something pertains to “issues of national importance.” This makes sense as to why they would want to reject an ad with this subject matter, but Facebook is doing this to seemingly random ads. We can hope platform experts at Facebook work towards making these ad rejections more uniform, but in the meantime your best bet is to appeal the ad and explain why it doesn’t deal with issues of national importance.

But wait! That’s not it. Facebook could even reject your appeal saying that your ad “doesn’t relate to issues of national importance.” As nonsensical as this is, there isn’t much you can do but keep trying.

If you’re lucky, Facebook will correctly tell you what is wrong with your ad. In this case, you can alter your ads to their request. After doing so, click the appeal button and write a nice message to Facebook saying that it is fixed and your ad is ready to be approved.

Too Much Text in an Image

Facebook advertising veterans have the Facebook Text Overlay Tool bookmarked to avoid this. It is in your best interest to use this tool before creating your ads. Facebook will either penalize the ads or reject them all-together if they don’t fall within their completely arbitrary image text regulations.

Advertising-Prohibited Topics

There is a long list of banned topics that every advertiser should be aware of. Some items on the list are: weapons, discriminatory ads, spyware, unsafe supplements, and cash loan services. Check out Facebook advertising policies closely and make sure your ads don’t fall in any of the banned categories.

If for some reason you are trying to advertise something that Facebook doesn’t allow, you might want to take into consideration alternate advertising platforms. If not, you could be looking at a nice ban from Facebook.

The bottom-line is that you aren’t alone. Will Facebook keep rejecting ads? Most likely, but that doesn’t mean we won’t try to figure out their trickery and ways to avoid rejection.