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The power of social media advertising is unmatched in this day and age — everyone tunes into LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. By partnering with CCP Digital, Stackla was able to capitalize on highly-targeted segments of these audiences around the world, while at the same time nurturing existing prospects in its sales funnel.

First of All—Who Is Stackla?

Stackla is a forward-moving company that offers an AI-powered platform that provides User Generated Content for Enterprise. They cater to global brands that encompass a range of industries—anything from food and beverage to travel to automotive. The world they live in is social media, so their authenticity and eye-catching branding sparked a need for social media-driven results.

Stackla had been working with CCP to revamp old initiatives and vertical strategies. Their new  VP of Marketing rebuilt their CRM and wanted to innovate for growth, engagement and ROI. The partnership allowed CCP and Stackla to develop and execute a plan to get Stackla’s most compelling content in front of its target audiences.


How They Did It: Powerful Leads on Social Media Platforms

The marketing team decided to deploy Instant Lead Ads.  A lead ad essentially allows users to auto-fill a pre-populated form without leaving the social media platform to obtain a desired piece of content or result. Most paid social users are on mobile, and reluctant to wait for a site to load, or to manually type in detailed info. But with a compelling content offering and the ease of lead ad form population, a business’s most desired prospects can easily convert.

Stackla Social AdCompelling lead ad content offers a useful, educational, or entertaining experience for the audience—the users are getting value from the ad’s offering. When the information is inherently helpful or interesting for the audience at hand, lead ads are most likely to succeed in driving quality conversions. Some good content offering examples for lead ad capture are infographics, eBooks, and webinar registrations.

Stackla saw tremendous successes in particular by implementing lead ads for relevant eBook downloads. In one campaign, Stackla offered a User-Generated Content (UGC) guide. The top-of-funnel audience was composed of people in enterprise marketing departments who might be interested in UGC, but may not have known where to start. With this offering, Stackla was able to populate its CRM with prospects eager to learn more about UGC and its capabilities.

Throughout 2018, lead ad successes continued despite dramatic changes in the paid social advertising platforms. The challenges were circumvented by the teams remaining agile. A major hurdle, for example, was a decline in the targeting parameters for B2B audiences on Facebook (We’ve all seen Facebook privacy concerns in the news!).

Stackla Lead AdThe teams shifted more focus to LinkedIn, due to its increasingly advanced B2B targeting capabilities. During the same time period, the team also deployed unique conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategies to capitalize on Stackla’s paid and organic site traffic.

The Power of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

The teams also wanted to lock down an on-site methodology that captured traffic, engaged user attention and created valuable conversions. Using custom exit intent campaigns and software, the Stackla and CCP Team executed a powerful punch.

The exit intent software used detects when someone is about to leave the site, then presents them with compelling, action-driving content. These offerings kept site visitors from leaving the site by offering valuable content or requiring an affirmative opt-out, and allowed Stackla to engage and retain on-the-fence visitors.

The deployment is multi-layered. Paid social and paid search ads drive target audiences to the site, while at the same time, Stackla’s inherent SEO and rich content pulls in organic visitors. Even if the users aren’t ultimately converted in the call-to-action from an ad, or the content which first drew them organically to the site, they are presented with additional offerings such as an eBook download or a free webinar. Content like this not only brings value that drives engagement, interest and brand awareness–it also creates conversion.

The CRO implementation combined with the teams’ targeted deployment of paid social lead ads –all driving targeted audiences to compelling and converting content–ultimately allowed CCP and Stackla’s marketing team to deliver a 902% YoY lead increase AND a YoY lead cost decrease of 78%.

Stackla’s success is attributed to creative talent, innovative strategy, nimble deployment, hard work, and of course the combination of two results-seeking, inspired teams.


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