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On this week’s segment of A.M.O.X. Influencers, we have returning guest Uneek Int. Uneek Int. is a 4x Platinum Artist, Producer, and Songwriter. Uneek will be talking about his upcoming album “Eminence”, how he makes uplifting music, and music’s effect on mental health. On My Digital World, this week coming on is Karl Wolf, a Platinum Recording Artist, Producer, and Singer/Songwriter. Karl will be talking about his hit song “Omicron Queen” and NFTs & Music in the Digital Age.

Stopping by on Crypto Frontier is Chris Pulley, CEO of CCP Digital, and Reggie Jareth, CEO of The Gather Network. These gentlemen will be talking about crypto’s environmental impact, how we can fix it, and how Web3 fits into all of this. This week we are heading on-site to Bice Cucina Midtown with Peter Guimaraes, Managing Partner of Bice Cucina Midtown and Soho. Peter will be talking about Valentine’s Day in NYC and Bice Love Day Signature Cocktail. Tune in next week for another episode of a MOX!

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