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On this week’s Influencer Segment, returning to the show Susana Damouni, the Barbie Doll of IG with 5m followers. She is joined by McKenzie Westmore, host of Syfy’s Face Off and Founder of Westmore Beauty. The two ladies will be discussing Westmore Beauty beauty products.  Coming back to the show is Per Wimmer on Fly Me to the Moon Segment. Per, one of Virgin Galactic’s founding astronauts will be discussing the future of space tourism, and the update on aliens.

On this week’s My Digital World, coming back to continue our conversation is Robert Edward Grant, Author of Philomath and Entrepreneur. He is joined by Michael Ashley, owner of Ashley Publishing and Author. The two will be discussing data sovereignty and the influence it has on the economy.

Returning to the show for this week’s episode is Chris Pulley, CEO of CCP Digital, and NFT Pioneer Joel Comm. The two will be chatting about non-fungible tokens, The Bad Crypto Podcast,  and their future in 2022.

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