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On this week’s Influencer Segment, returning guest Susana Damouni is coming on. Susana is a mega-influencer with over 5 million followers on Instagram and the Barbie Doll of IG. She will be chatting about 2022 beauty enhancement trends and non-filler beauty solutions.  Please check Susana Damouni out on IG @susana.dxoxo

Debuting for the first time ever on the new Crypto Frontier Segment is CCP Digital. Returning as a contributor is Chris Pulley, CEO of CCP Digital and Bad Media Group, and joining him is Dr.Ken Canfield, Founder of Nation Center for Fathering. The two will be chatting about the positive impact of superdoge tokens has on the National Center for Fathering, and how CCP Digital is paving the way for business brands.

Check out more from CCP Digital at ccpdigital.com Check out superdoge and the national center for fathering here:



Check out more about The National Center for Fathering at fathers.com Joining together on My Digital World this week, Shahal Khan and Robert Edward Grant. Shahal is a returning contributor and CEO of Tempus Network. Robert is an entrepreneur, inventor, and author of best selling book Philomath. The two will be discussing the Metaverse and the fundamentals of data sovereignty.  Check out more about Robert Edward Grant at Robertedwardgrant.com Check out more about Tempus Network at tempus.network On the Fly, Me to the Moon Segment, returning guest Per Wimmer is joining. Per will be talking about space tourism, and his upcoming space travel with Virgin Galatic as one of their founding astronauts. Check out Per Wimmer’s work at Wimmerspace.com Tune in next week for another episode of a MOX!