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On My Digital World returning to the show, Shahal Khan, CEO of Tempus Network. Shahal will be discussing gender equality in the tech industry and how Tempus plans to change that. On A.M.O.X. Influencer we have returning contributor Susana Damouni, Barbie Doll of IG. She will be joined by Dr.David Rankin, a plastic surgeon who specializes in explanting.

On Crypto Frontier joining the show again is Chris Pulley, CEO of CCP Digital and Bad Media Group who is joined by Alan Scott, Advisor to the Railgun Project. The two will be talking about privacy in crypto and how Railgun will help fix the privacy problems on the blockchain. Lastly on Millennial Moms returning guest Julia Roome, child actress, and recording artist. She will be talking about her music and life as a child actor. Tune in next week for another episode of a MOX!

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