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Rapid-Growth Digital Marketing Services

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How CCP Digital Can Help Your Project Grow

Omnichannel Paid Media

We offer paid social and paid search management services to help businesses and individuals effectively reach their target audiences and drive new business through online advertising. Our team of experts will create and manage paid campaigns on social media platforms and search engines, using targeted advertising and sophisticated tracking and analysis tools to ensure maximum ROI. We’ll also provide ongoing consultation on the best strategies and tactics for reaching your desired audience, and will continually optimize and adjust your campaigns to ensure their ongoing success. With CCP Digital, you can confidently grow your business and reach your goals through paid social and paid search advertising.

Podcast placement

Work with a network of podcast hosts and producers to secure placements for clients. These placements may take the form of sponsored episodes, in which a client’s product or service is featured in the content of the episode, or sponsored advertisements, in which a client’s advertisement is played during the podcast. CCP may also offer additional services, such as consulting on the best podcasts for a particular product or service, and helping clients to create effective ad copy and audio advertisements. The goal of a podcast placement service is to help clients reach targeted audiences through the popular and influential medium of podcasting.

Display / Geofencing

Display advertising presents your message loudly and clearly—like a modern-day billboard, but to the audiences you’ve chosen. Geo-fencing micro-targets your audience geographically (it’s innovative – call us for more info).

SEO Services

We help you prime your site’s organic power so that your company can rise above your competitors in search results.

Lead Generation

Our LinkedIn lead generation services help businesses connect with potential customers and clients on the world’s largest professional networking site. We use a combination of LinkedIn Sponsored Content, InMail, and LinkedIn Ads to create personalized and highly effective campaigns that drive leads and conversions. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you generate leads using LinkedIn.

Our Clients Love Us


“Joel and Travis saw the potential behind our app and understood our advanced tech right from the start.”
“It’s clear that they will become invaluable, long-term partners. Offering constructive
UX feedback, capturing the right message, and putting our key features into the spotlight—these
are just a few of the things that make the Bad Crypto Podcast collaboration a truly great one.
Having Bad Media by our side will open the door to other tech affcionados and crypto
enthusiasts who value high-quality DeFi services.” Oana Batran, CBO of Chainge.Finance

Divi Advisory

“We started our partnership with Bad Media in 2018 and were honestly skeptical that it would bring any results. We had worked with many advisors, influencers, marketers, airdrops, PR, and all types of services, with very little to show for any of it. We have been delighted to find that for the first time, we saw great results. In fact the majority of new Divi community members seem to be coming from various Bad Media campaigns and PR Efforts. Thanks guys for the great job
you’ve been doing for us.” Nick S, Founder

Animoca Brands

Animoca Brands is a leader in blockchain gaming, cryptocurrency and NFTs with multiple industry investments and acquisitions in its growing portfolio.

Gala Games

Gala Games is committed to fun first in its blockchain gaming ecosystem, empowering gamers through digital ownership and has a vibrant community driving its efforts.

Unlocking the potential of impactful innovation

Hire CCP Digital to maximize your business potential, our experienced team of experts offers expertly managed and optimized services in podcast placement, LinkedIn lead generation, and omni-channel paid media, designed to reach your target audience and drive new business.

Our range of services allows us to build a comprehensive and tailored strategy to drive growth for your specific business goals and reach your target audience in the most effective way

Our Mission:

We empower innovators doing good stuff. We create influence, build brand equity, and drive relationships through our innovative strategies, technologies, and execution.

Our Vision:

A more collaborative and equitable future for the global community.

Our Values:

To do good stuff with Grit, Grace, and Gratitude.